Construction Worker

What does a Construction Worker do? 

A Construction worker performs a wide range of duties on a construction site. From basic duties such as removing debris, loading or unloading building materials and digging trenches, to more specialised tasks such as operating machinery or following detailed construction plans. Construction workers have a diverse workload and learn practical skills useful in a range of construction settings.

How do you become a Construction Worker? 

Most workers learn through practical on the job training after being hired by a construction contractor. Besides hands on construction skills, apprentices will learn blueprint reading, workplace health & safety and other relevant knowledge.  

What are common injuries for a Construction Worker? 

Construction sites pose many dangers to workers. Proper training and precautions should prevent most injuries, however, construction accidents and injuries do happen.

Minor injuries include –

  • Repetitive motion strain
  • Minor cuts or abrasions from handling debris

Serious injuries include –

  • Head or back injuries from falling

Long term injuries include –

  • Injuries from electrocution
  • Injuries from collapsed scaffolding or trenches  
Construction workers score a 4/5 risk rating

How do Construction Workers use math? 

Construction Workers utilise maths and algebra within their work in manydifferent ways. Mathematics applies when constructing and working out different lengths and dimensions of materials. Project budgeting, particularly for those in Construction Management, is an important part of the job.

What time does a Construction Worker start work? 

Construction workers often do 10 hour shifts, starting at around 6.30am. This early start time is essential to make the most of the daylight hours; of course construction work is much safer and practical to complete in broad daylight rather than the relative dark of the late afternoon. 

How much does a Construction Worker make? 

The salary of a construction worker ranges between $36,241 - $119,195, with the median salary sitting at $50,980 per annum.

What is the career path for a Construction Worker?

A career in construction may lead to managerial positions or potential for establishing your own construction company. 

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