Holiday and Leave Entitlements While On WorkCover

WorkCover QLD Holiday Pay Entitlements

If you are on workers compensation then you may be wondering what happens to your leave entitlements including holiday pay. The rules for this vary state by state, the information below relates to Queensland.

The legislation in Queensland relating to taking and accruing leave is the 'WORKERS' COMPENSATION AND REHABILITATION ACT 2003 - SECT 119A'. This section of the act states that "119A Compensation entitlement does not restrict taking or accrual of leave". More specifically, "(2) The worker is entitled to take or accrue annual leave, sick leave and long service leave under an Industrial Act or industrial instrument during the period to which the compensation relates."

In basic terms, your rights relating to holiday and leave entitlements while on WorkCover / workers compensation in Queensland are shown below.

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Due I accrue holiday while on WorkCover?

Yes. Holiday pay still accrues as normal while on WorkCover leave in Queensland.

Can I take paid holiday (accrued leave) while on WorkCover?

Yes, you are still entitled to take paid holiday leave that has been accrued while on WorkCover leave

Do I still accrue long service leave while on WorkCover?

Yes, you still accrue any long service entitlements that you would normally be entitled to.


Last update on:
May 29, 2018
Disclaimer: This information is designed for general information in relation to Queensland compensation law. It does not constitute legal advice. We strongly recommend you seek legal advice in regards to your specific situation. For expert advice call 1800 266 801 or chat via live chat to arrange free initial advice with our Principal lawyer, Greg Smith.


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